Green architecture and fashion hold equal places in our hearts, so we were delighted to discover the line of jewelry that Marmol Radziner is making from leftover scraps of actual buildings. The Los Angeles-based architectural firm has an impressive portfolio of prefabs, mid-century restorations, and beautiful modern homes. Now you can take a little piece of its beautiful designs with you wherever you go and save a bit of metal from the landfill while you’re at it.

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The line was created by partner Ron Radziner, who couldn’t find any men’s jewelry that he liked and so decided to make his own. The process was made easy because Marmol Radziner has its own production facility in Vernon, CA, where it produces its prefab homes and furniture.

The unisex pieces have the same clean, modern designs as Marmol Radziner’s architecture.

The sophisticated, unisex pieces, which fall under the company’s new M + R Jewelry label, have the same clean, modern lines as Marmol Radziner’s architecture. (Not surprising, since they’re made from surplus architectural bronze by the same highly skilled craftspeople.) Over time, the designers note, the patina of each piece will “evolve in response to its wearer.”

The line is sold exclusively at ARP Los Angeles.

+ Marmol Radziner

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