‘Get The Bond Look.’ Arden Reed’s eye catching tag line is bound to draw in the customers, but it is their mobile tailoring service doing the rounds in New York city that will keep them coming! Their sustainable wool suits are made via the ‘Tailor Truck’, kitted out with 3D scanning technology. These cut the eco-friendly fabric using surface sensors to create a perfect fit, which ensures no excess material will go to waste, making the suits a conscience-free alternative to many suits bought on the high street.

The team told Ecouterre they have implemented two features in their process that help keep their suits sustainable. “First of all, we use robotic laser cutters for our patterns,” says Arden Reed. “The biggest advantage of this is that the use of fabric is optimized by our program thus reducing waste”.

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Secondly, they discussed their fabrics. In contrary to many other suit factories, they use lining that is not polyester based (and therefore not oil based). “We use the seed of the cotton flower to make a silk-like fabric that is both eco-friendly, while at the same time giving a more natural, breathable feel,” says Arden Reed. They understand that water wastage is a huge problem in the garment industry, so they ensure that all their suppliers comply with the latest environmental regulations.

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The custom suits vary in price from $497 to $1,500 depending on the fabric. For more information and to check out the location of the Tailor Truck, take a look at the official Tailor Truck website.

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