Argentina’s Salvation Army enlisted several local designers to transform its castoffs into couture, including the recycled-glove collar pictured above. We’ll take eight. (TreeHugger)

Cotton of the Carolinas wants to put a face behind your T-shirt. Its supply chain, kept within the confines of the Carolinas, offers complete transparency, so you can track your tee from dirt to shirt. (T.S. Designs)

Bulgarian artist Ceca Georgieva shocks and awes once more with her au naturel leafy jewelry. (Ecco*Eco)

Preloved has inked a deal with eBay Canada to introduce an exclusive collection of its upcycled pieces starting this fall. (Bloomberg)

Transformer fashion hits the streets of SoHo with the opening of JBNY, a Chinese label consisting of mutable pieces that can be “pushed, piled, tugged or folded into myriad shapes and configurations.” (New York Times)