ASAP might be a mantra for our rabid-paced generation, but for one Italian company, it’s a call to action. ASAP Lab—the acronym stands for “as sustainable as possible”—is as much an examination of consumption as it is a luxury label. (It helps that the clothes are easy on the eye, as well.)

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Partnering with Italy’s most prestigious knitting mills, ASAP salvages silk, cotton, cashmere, and merino fabrics in colors and patterns that have fallen out of vogue or are available in quantities inadequate for large-scale production. The self-described “laboratory” takes a stand against the fashion industry’s M.O. of planned obsolescence, which it characterizes as a recurring cycle of “excitement and oblivion based on the intolerable logic of a forced replacement of ‘seasonal’ goods.'”

By salvaging fabrics that have fallen out of vogue, ASAP takes a stand against the fashion industry’s M.O. of planned obsolescence.

ASAP’s limited-run mens-, womens- and childrenswear serves as an alternative for the conscious consumer. Supplemented with naturally dyed fibers and vegetable-tanned leather, the collection is fairly made in Italy not only to ensure the shortest supply chain possible but also to protect traditional craftsmanship.

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