You can memorialize a dearly departed pet in several different ways, but few allow you to keep Mr. Fluffypants as close to your heart as these wearable gems, which are created using the carbon captured from his remains. Not one but several companies are offering grieving pet owners the opportunity to immortalize their animal companions as jewelry. Despite the morbid undertones, it’s a trend that’s rapidly gaining popularity in Japan. But here’s the rub: The portable memorials might be better for the planet, too.

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DNA2Diamonds is just one of the outlets touting its conflict-free, environmentally responsible personal diamonds. The carbon extracted from a lock of hair or cremated ashes is subjected to the same process of extreme heat and pressure that squeezes carbon into naturally occurring diamonds. And because the rocks are made in a lab, instead of mined, they don’t carry the same baggage as “blood diamonds” do. Eternal rest set in stone does not come cheap, however—expect to pay upwards of $3,000 for the gem alone.

Carbon from your pet’s remains is subjected to extreme heat and pressure to create a diamond.

If you prefer your personal adornment to be less ostentatious, L-Born, a recently launched Japanese company in the Shiga prefecture, will mix pet ashes with local clay to produce lovely pottery bracelets, necklaces, picture frames, and even lamps. The founder was inspired by Namida Tsubo, a novel about a man who mixes his dead wife’s ashes with clay…and then makes a vase.

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