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Founded by Armas in 2008, Assembly began as an “artisan hub” of international and hard-to-find luxury labels, along with curated vintage and objets d’art. A year later, the East Village store expanded its wares to include its own in-house collection.

Stitched locally in New York City, many in the back of Assembly’s studio, each garment uses a combination of natural and historic fibers.

Stitched locally in New York City, many in a mini-workshop at the back of Armas’s studio, each garment uses a combination of natural and historic fibers to provide both comfort and durability. Despite its understated lines—Armas describes the label’s aesthetic as “authoritative minimalist”—Assembly is all about details. From surplice necklines that drape just so to double-faced shirts that reveal hints of print beneath upturned sleeves, Armas is a master of the finely honed focus.

Even the accessories, culled from the boutique’s stable of featured designers, were on brand. Assembly paired bright orange clutches by L*ampert to shake up the otherwise-neutral landscape. Models wore black leather baseball caps or straw hats by Raw Umber Plus. The shoes hewed closely to the fuss-free lines and temperate colors scheme.

Assembly also outfitted its clotheshorses with hand-beaded bracelets and anklets by Cuipo, a social enterprise dedicated to protecting and preserving the world’s endangered rainforests through its nonprofit arm, One Meter at a Time. Crafted by the Kuna people of Panama, each bracelet saves one square-meter of Chepo Rainforest. Through its fundraising efforts, Cuipo has purchased 3,300 acres of land—and counting.

The boutique and in-house collection will undoubtedly continue to foster new creative collaborations that reach beyond fashion and offer unique reflections on society. Despite an ever-revolving fashion calendar, the locally made garments are available year-round in a variety of fabrics and colors.

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