If you thought that a $300,000 T-shirt was outrageous—even if it did help UNICEF air-freight critical lifesaving supplies—you’ll want to keep your pearls at a clutch-worthy distance for a £256,500 number ($405,000) that boasts no such benefaction. Dubbed “The Most Expensive T-Shirt in the World” by its manufacturer, Superlative Luxury—which, as far as we can tell does not have anything else on offer—the organic-cotton tee is a “one-of-a-kind luxury product” made using only renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

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Don’t wear this to your next drum circle at the hippie commune, though. The shirt features a spherical pattern “illustriously decorated with 16 certified-handset diamonds [of] exquisite color, clarity, cut, and luster.” To gild the lily even further, the design is encrusted with eight 1-carat white diamonds and eight “enhanced” (whatever that means) black diamonds.

Penny-pinching billionaires can rejoice: shipping is free worldwide.

We’re almost certain our leg is getting pulled, but if if isn’t, penny-pinching billionaires can rejoice: shipping is free worldwide. Allow up to 28 days for delivery so Superlative Luxury can “exceed your expectations.” Perhaps a onesie version for the Blue Ivy Carters of the world?

+ The Most Expensive T-Shirt in the World £256,500