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Many of Judd’s pieces take upwards of 100 hours to complete. Through her deft manipulation of materials such as recycled bicycle inner tubes, aluminum soda cans, detergent jugs, and even presidential campaign fliers, the Sante Fe designer has materialized everything from Carmen Miranda-inspired flamenco costumes to Delta flight-attendant uniforms.

Judd once spent 400 hours unspooling and crocheting cassette tape into a faux fur coat.

The intricate details are testament to Judd’s dedication—she once spent 400 hours unspooling and crocheting cassette tape into a full-length faux-fur coat. Her skills have not gone unrecognized. Corporations such as Coca-Cola and Target have enlisted her services. Even Toyota commissioned a look, made with material from a soft-top convertible, as a tribute to its founders, who originally sold looms.

“The purpose of the Recycle Runway garments is to capture the public’s attention and inspire people to consider the environment in their daily choices at work, home, school and in all their community activities,” Judd explains. Click through our slideshow for a closer look.

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