G’day mate, is that a banana you’ve got down undah or are you just happy to see us? Cor blimey, maybe we should save our quips for the boys from Oz, specifically blokes who have traded their tighty whities for AussieBum’s new range of eco-friendly briefs and boxers. (It just so happens that they’re made from that most well-endowed of tropical fruits.) Can we get a crikey?

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A world’s first, the made-in-Australia men’s unmentionables comprise 27 percent banana fiber (made from the bark weave of the plant), 64 percent organic cotton, and 9 percent Lycra. This combo, according to company spokesman Lloyd Jones, makes for a fabric that’s lightweight yet absorbent.

A world’s first, the unmentionables comprise 27 percent banana fiber, made from the bark weave of the plant.

“Naturally, you can’t really add anymore banana fiber than that because it might be a bit squishy,” says Jones. And although the skivvies give “banana hammock” a whole new meaning, they don’t actually smell like bananas, so you won’t have to fend off snack-happy monkeys from your nethers.

We’d still keep our eyes peeled, though, if we were you.

+ Banana Men’s Underwear $26-$28

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