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Appropriately, Pezzano named his collection “Apparition.” “I like that the fabric was found and has a unique history, that [the jackets] are one-off, handmade, and come with deep sense of mystery,” he tells Ecouterre, adding that they would fit easily “on the [alien] planets of Tatooine or Caladan.

“Found materials have an inherent charm that can never be replicated,” Pezzano says.

The designer isn’t a stranger to scavenging for his art. A “naturally frugal” critic of today’s fast-fashion industry, Pezzano chooses to work only with deadstock fabrics, organic cotton, wool, and reclaimed fabrics. “For me, these jackets represent everything I see as important when it comes to creating clothes,” says Pezzano, who embellished his creations with handmade scrap-leather buttons. “Found materials have an inherent charm that can never be replicated. I believe the use of reclaimed materials is the pinnacle of sustainable fashion because nothing is being made.”

After all, every manufactured material, whether organic or not, has an impact on the planet, he says. “Upcycling is even better than recycling because less energy is being consumed,” he adds. “Tread lightly? This is zero treading. Reverse treading even.”

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