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Don’t believe the rumors. The art of letter-writing is alive and well and living in Victoria, Australia, where two stand-in scribes will pen missives in your name—for a price, of course. But Jane and Penny of Clothing For Correspondence have an unusual payment structure in place. The cost of a custom letter, whether it be love, poison-pen, Dear John, resignation, or otherwise? A piece of clothing from your wardrobe.

Clothing for Correspondence


This quirky barter exchange is charming in its guilelessness, but the duo explain on their site that while they enjoy drafting letters, they loathe to shop. “Shopping centres suck,” they write. “And we avoid at all costs sweatshop purchases and 14-year-old shop assistants who call us ‘Darl.’ That said, nudity can be socially alienating (outside of Sunnyside) and we do like to be stylish.”

The cost of a custom letter? A piece of clothing from your wardrobe.

If you guard the contents of your closet jealously or you have nothing to offer in their size, Clothing for Correspondence also accepts regular ol’ cash. And letters aren’t the only wordsmithing they’ll tackle. The ersatz Cyranos will also dash off lists (possible names for your new puppy, good places to meet men, careers for those with no aspiration, and so on), “love references” your ex can hand out to dating prospects, Wikipedia-esque fact sheets on why you shouldn’t marry family members.

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