If you’re after a piece of jewelry that makes a statement in a wholly sustainable way, Australian-made Polli has what you’re looking for. Its delicate-but-sturdy stainless-steel collection is made from 75 percent recycled metal, while the kohl-gold series is fashioned almost entirely from brass offcuts. Crafted by industrial designers Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd, Polli’s pendants, earrings, brooches, and cufflinks are not only stunning, but they’re also built to last.

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Polli includes a whimsical range of artistic and intricate cutouts, all influenced by Japanese and Danish paper designs. Stainless-steel butterflies and leaves dance among colorful salvaged leathers; bright cotton threads weave from flower petal to petal; and silhouettes of bicycles, prams, and typewriters spring to life in laser-cut kohl gold.

Polli was recently rated a low-carbon company for its eco-friendly business operations.

Not only are the materials used by Polli admirable, but its business practices are, too. Australia’s Carbon Reduction Institute recently rated Polli a low-carbon company for its offset purchases, extensive workplace recycling, use of daylighting and energy-efficient bulbs, and self-powered modes of transport (i.e., walking and cycling).

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