How you can Connect a DVD Player to your TV There's no need for you to wait in long outlines, pay a fortune pertaining to tickets and popcorn and sit in a noisy theater just to view high quality movies. ????????? With a DVD gambler, you can enjoy your best movies without any high priced hassles or distractions.[url=]????? ?? ??[/url] In just a couple of moments, you can take the DVD player right out the box, connect it to your TV [url=]????????????[/url]and settle-back to watch a picture. Read the steps listed below and [url=]????????????[/url]study how to connect a DVD player to a TV. ?????????? Make sure the DVD cables will reach the tv from the shelf you decide on.[url=]????? ?? ??[/url] Because the player carries a motor inside, it creates heat. Plug one end belonging to the [url=]??????????[/url]threepronged cord that came with the DVD player to the terminals on the TV ON PC marked Line In. [url=]??????????[/url]Always plug in the power cord after getting connected all the additional plugs. [url=]bs?????[/url]Remember that DVDs include menus, so they will possibly not play automatically. ????????????You must use the handheld remote control to select the [url=]?????????[/url]wanted options [source: Fleischmann].