Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose

Kate Fletcher is a reader in sustainable fashion at the London College of Fashion and director of design for sustainable fashion consultancy, Slow Fashion. Her work in business, education, policy, and research has been at the forefront of sustainability ideas and research practice in fashion for the past 15 years. She advises and participates in fashion and sustainability initiatives around the globe. Kate is the author of Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys. Lynda Grose is a practicing designer, consultant, educator, and assistant professor at California College of the Arts. She co-founded Esprit's "ecollection" line, which was the first complete ecological clothing line developed by a major corporation. Lynda has advised clients across the nonprofit, private, and government sectors on issues of sustainability for almost two decades, including Patagonia, Gap, Sustainable Cotton Project, Aid to Artisans, Armenian Crafts Council, and UNDP.