Bruno Pieters, Honest By

Bruno Pieters conceived Honest By during a sabbatical from the fashion industry in southern India. An award-winning designer and art director, Pieters spent 2010 exploring the developing world, an experience that profoundly affected his personal philosophy and his thinking about fashion. Observing how native people wore clothes that were grown, woven, and sewn from sources they could identify around them, he wondered if such transparency could be operated on an international scale when making designer products. On his return to Antwerp, Pieters began to work on a radical new concept. Honest By is the first company in the world to share the full cost breakdown of its products. The word "Honest" refers to the way in which the Honest By company operates, with a 100 percent transparency policy. The concept behind Honest By offers designers and brands a public platform to share their own design processes; utilizing the extensive research Honest by has already conducted on organic fabrics and suppliers. Every part of the collaboration process is transparent, including the store mark-up calculations. In communicating all information regarding a garments production process, Honest By wants to shed light on the questions: where is it made and by whom. Pieters believes that fashion is a celebration of beauty and that the story behind that celebration can be equally beautiful.