Kelly Elkin

Kelly is a designer, writer and ethical fashion advocate. Since graduating with a BFA in fashion in 2006, she packed her suitcase and embarked on a trip across the world. While overseas. she was involved in many parts of the fashion industry. Designing for local and international labels her work has been featured in various publications such as French magazine WAD, Fashion Forecast UK, Time Out London and Marie Claire. During this time she has also assisted, consulted and organized fashion events for ethical organizations. After a diverse range of experiences overseas, Kelly returned to her sunny homeland in Australia to launch her organic sleepwear label A.L.A.S. Not one to be idle, her desire to promote the independent designers she found in her travels, she started her own blog called Transparent Seams, which features interviews from ethical designers from around the world. Her blog has led her towards freelancing for Peppermint and now Ecouterre!