Mimi Prober and Nica Rabinowitz, Manufacture NY

Designer Mimi Prober’s aesthetic vision integrates the artistry of the past and establishes a sustainable future by creating handcrafted garments using antique textiles, natural fibers, and organic dyes acquired from the earth. Through signature embroidery, hand-sewn construction, and zero waste draping techniques, each piece is developed organically depending upon the materials that are uncovered. Mimi's collection pieces have been recognized internationally, shown during New York, Amsterdam, and London fashion weeks, worn on the red carpet, featured on television, and in publications including Marie Claire, Chinese Forbes, CNBC, and V-Magazine Nica Rabinowitz is a natural dyer, textile artist, designer, educator, and local supply chain expert. By emphasizing process and craft through materiality Nica aims to support local economies and fiber farmers. Working with materials hand foraged and sourced from within a 150-mile radius, her process is a study in system design with textile as the foundation. Nica aims to break down the gap between production and consumption and design from farm to garment, as a co-founder of a new kind of company, Artifact. She is also a founding member of Saori Arts NYC. Nica believes everyone should have access to quality art education and promotes the Saori philosophy in all aspects of her practice as an artist and educator.