Veronica Crespi

Veronica Crespi is the founder of Rewardrobe, London's first slow-style consultancy. Rewardrobe is the first of its kind to focus on slow fashion. Where most people are still afraid of having to compromise on style to be more sustainable, Rewardrobe is there to show it is possible to be as trendy and fashionable as ever, while also buying and managing a wardrobe with a conscience. As well as with private clients, Veronica also works alongside emerging sustainable brands on their communication, social media, and to facilitate their exposure and inclusion in events, to get them established in the ethical fashion arena and with the public. Veronica is a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum's Fellowship 500 and has a particular interest in upcycling—her Up-Wardrobe project is provides a showcase platform for up-and-coming upcycling brands. She is also a freelance fashion writer and a public speaker on the theme of slow fashion.