Tara Eisenberg and Inessah Selditz, Sublet Clothing

Inessah Selditz Growing up adopted, Korean, Jewish, and living on military bases has lead Inessah to embrace variation and the unexpected. After starting a degree in advertising at Boston University, Inessah transferred to University of North Texas because she realized all she really wanted to do was design. In her senior year, she won some awards, including one for Best U.S. Accessory in an international competition (even though she knew nothing about making accessories, and then subsequently making the accessory out of salvaged beer cans) then afterwards moved to NYC. After meeting Tara through a Craigslist ad, and sharing many brunches, they decided to create Sublet a company that is based on sustainabilty, creativity and collaboration, because those were the things they thought were important in life. Tara Eisenberg Since graduating from New York University's studio art program in 2005, Tara has been focused on building a creative community through her independent endeavors. At the center of this interest is the hope that she can change the way her peers view their impact on the environment, and can learn to make more informed decisions on their resource use. Currently heading up marketing and business development for an environmental design consulting firm, Tara spends most of her time advocating for sustainable design in the built environment. The same ideals and principles utilized there translate into a profound respect for developing the sustainable business model that is Sublet Clothing, Tara’s more personal project. Tara established Sublet Clothing in 2007, with her partner, Inessah, and heads up the business side of the company. Tara works frequently with the USGBC, volunteers at Open House New York, and enjoys collaborating with other young creative people. She also especially loves brunches and waffles.