Next week, eco-friendly beauty care giant Aveda will kick off its new Full Circle recycling program. Coinciding with their Cradle-to-Cradle design philosophy, the program will invite customers to return any Aveda packaging not accepted by their curbside recycling programs to an Aveda retailer. The company will then sort and recycle the packaging into new Aveda containers or accessories.

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All 107 Aveda Experience Center retail locations will participate in the Full Circle recycling program, making it easy for any customer to recycle their used products.  The goal of the sustainable beauty company is to divert Aveda packaging from going into our country’s landfills, repurposing packaging and totally eliminating waste. The company launched a pilot program in Colorado last year, finding it was able to recycle a promising 98% of all materials submitted by customers.

The Full Circle program will accept package caps, makeup brushes and jars, bottles, tubes and pumps that curbside recycling won’t accept. The pieces will then be sent to via UPS’ Carbon Neutral Program to the g2 revolution recycling center in Findlay, Ohio, where it will be sorted, reused and recycled.

In addition to providing a recycling outlet for their packaging, Aveda will also minimize packaging where possible, as well as make the components easy to disassemble for recycling. The packaging will also be made from post-consumer recycled plastics to uphold Aveda’s Cradle-to Cradle beliefs.

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