Nearly a hundred years after British and German soldiers imposed a temporary ceasefire along the Western Front to exchange holiday greetings and gifts, it’s time to declare a different kind of Christmas truce. The brainchild of Saatchi & Saatchi’s London art director, Todd Grinham, “Xmas Truce” is an Facebook tool that allows you to impose a “truce” on gift-giving with your friends and family this season. Trucing works much like those secret-crush apps of yore, meaning no one will know until both parties virtually shake on it. The benefits of giving the gift of nothing? Less stress, debt, and quarreling with your partner over said stress and debt for one.

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“Somehow over the years, Christmas has moved away from family, festivities and cheer, and a lot closer to…obligation,” Grinham writes on the website. “Finding a spot in a crowded parking lot. Chasing random gifts across seven stores, all while you’re grandma watches Home Alone—all alone—in your living room.”

“Somehow over the years, Christmas has moved away from family and cheer to…obligation,” Grinham writes.

Don’t call Grinham a grinch, however. “We’re not against presents or Christmas,” he says. “We’re just offering a tool for friends and families who’d rather call off the sometimes unwanted, and often unappreciated gifts, and spend their money and time on the holiday stuff that really matters. Like flying across country to see your favorite cousin. Or finally helping your mom digitize her entire collection of VHS tapes. Or just buying a nice bottle of wine to share with an old friend. Whatever’s important to you, Xmas Truce offers you a way to call off the nonsense and call on the cheer.”

Another way to spend that extra moolah: Team up with your truces and donate your time or cash to charity. Grinham’s favorites include DonorsChoose, which helps classrooms in need, and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

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