Wallflowers, beware! Unlike in collections past, rockstar eco-designer Bahar Shahpar turned the volume up—way up—for her Spring/Summer 2010 runway show, pumping her garments to another level. We were lucky enough to witness the electrifying display at The GreenShows (which Shahpar also helped organize) for New York Fashion Week. If you were expecting the classic, babydoll styling that Shahpar is known for, this was not it! Filled with supercharged cuts, amped-up prints, and technicolor fabrics, this collection reveals a new side of Shahpar that is not for the faint of heart. Read on for more juicy gossip about the show and a special video that definitely blasted the goody-goody, Mother Earthy stereotypes of eco-fashion through the stratosphere.

Entitled “Warrior Princess,” the bold collection was inspired by Shahpar’s sojourns to her native Iran. “It was tragic and heartbreaking and yet beautiful at the same time,” she told MSN.com of her experience. The bursts of ethnic flair and the overall fearlessness of the line (tribal headdresses, vibrant colors, and ropey, hand-crocheted knits) were undeniably a rejection of the safe and been-there-done-that. These pieces are an homage to a woman who embraces her personal history and wears it with pride.

Our favorites? Sparkly 100 perecent Tencel crepe jersey “ruffle leggings” that we haven’t seen on any other runways. They would look perfect with a basic black babydoll sheath or your favorite plain white tee. The playful 100 percent silk “rope playsuit” jumper, topped with breezy cropped “summer balloon blouse,” really stood out as a show-stopping outfit that could be worn to a cocktail party or the beach. Last but definitely not least, everyone was talking about the navy waxed organic-cotton hooded trenchcoat that eco-model and activist Summer Rayne Oakes rocked on the runway with some very bootylicious “warrior shorts”! If you look closely, you can see the adorable vintage wooden heart buttons on the trench that had everyone oohing and ahhing.

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And as if the clothes themselves were not wow-worthy enough, Shahpar had a few other surprises up her green sleeves for us in the form of two very special guests: celebrity callgirl Ashley Dupré of Elliot Spitzer fame and hip-hop and fashion mogul Russell Simmons. Dupré lent the runway her real-woman curves in a twinkly Shahpar creation and Cri de Couer eco-heels, and according to her Twitter, Simmons, who was mere seats away from us in the front row, was there to show his support as she strutted her stuff.

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