Your body exhibits signs of stress far before you may even realize you’re anxious, angry or upset. A new wrist-worn device by Boston-based Neumitra monitors your vital signs and alerts you when you’re stressed out. The Bandu measures your autonomic nervous system by tracking your perspiration, respiration, and heart beats with the help of a mobile device. When these vitals get out of whack, Bandu offers suggestions, like “take 5 deep breaths”, “play a song” or calling a loved one to help you calm down. The inventors of the device hope to help those with psychological disorders like PTSD as well as people who cope with everyday stressors like traffic, work, and family.

Stress is a killer and yet taking it easy is one of the hardest skills to learn. Neumitra’s Bandu wrist device was invented to help you monitor your stress levels and take action to bring them down. The device measures stress through perspiration, body temperature and respiration and works with your mobile device to keep track of this information. When these vitals start to rise, the Bandu alerts you and offers suggestions to calm down. Suggestions include breathing exercises, playing games or music, meditation, stretching, visualizations or even calling a loved one. Upon taking action, the wearer can watch in real time to see if his/her stress levels decrease. Over time the device and app learn which actions help you the best.

The Bandu is also linked up to a map to learn where stress triggers occur and alert you so you can take action and be aware you are in a location that may cause problems. Neumitra envisions the device used first and foremost for people with psychological disorders like PTSD, panic disorder, heart disease, asthma, irritible bowel syndrome, or even fertility problems as a way to recognize and minimize stress. The company would also like to see the devices used on a larger scale be groups of people to help bring collective relief. Data can be aggregated to learn about specific places that could cause issues, perhaps where people don’t feel safe, and the info could take a literal pulse on the country or world to see how people are doing.

Neumitra has already developed the prototype and is currently raising funds to enter the next stage of production and development. Learn more at their past IndieGoGo campaign page.

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