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Woods was particularly inspired by the love letters her grandmothers wrote to their sweethearts, many of them in code, during World War II. An original print, clad in bright scarlet poppies, serves as a nod to the British Legion campaign they both supported. “I believe the poppy prints make a real statement in recognition of the fallen of the past and in preparation of a brighter and better future for our planet,” Woods tells Ecouterre.

Woods was inspired by the love letters her grandmothers wrote to their sweethearts during World War II.

The collection’s palette of navy, black, and turquoise, accented by bursts of red and fuschia, was similarly influenced by the two women, along with prints that Woods describes as “fun and flirtatious.”

Of her ideal customer, Woods is clear. “The Beautiful Soul woman is feminine, elegant and appreciates intelligent design,” she says. “She pays attention to fine details and although she likes to dress for the moment, equally she likes to wear timeless, classic pieces that cannot be identified as a passing trend.”
“She has a desire to be different, but is not shouting for attention,” Woods adds. “Her quirkiness is intriguing.”

Consider us intrigued.

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