The boat shoe has quickly become a fashion staple for a number of stylish fellas (and even some ladies), so leave it to the aptly monikered Bed Stü (named after a neighborhood in Brooklyn) to infuse its latest line of footwear with self-referential hipster irony. Its upcoming Gulf Coast Cleanup collection, due to hit store shelves in November, features three styles: two boat shoes and a boot. Covered in muck-ridden oil splotches designed to evoke the Gulf spill, the shoes do more than capture the zeitgeist: 100 percent of profits goes toward efforts to restore wildlife in the region.

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The shoes haven’t actually been dipped in oil, of course—they’re stained using a scorch-dyeing process that allows them to remain relatively affordable at $85 a pair.

All proceeds from the shoes will benefit the National Wildlife Federation’s Gulf Coast cleanup efforts.

Call it a provocative political statement or simply a sensational marketing ploy, but the fact that all profits will benefit the National Wildlife Federation is nothing to scoff at. “While not a ribbon or bracelet, the idea could still be a catalyst to raise awareness and focus people around the country on the cleanup effort,” says Nicole Beltrami, a spokeswoman for the company. Are you soled yet?

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