Margaret Mead was right on the money: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In just over 24 months, the combined efforts of Greenpeace campaigners, activists, bloggers, and shoppers across the globe have resulted in unprecedented commitments from 18 major clothing companies who have pledged to eliminate toxic chemicals from their products and supply chains by 2020. The work is far from over, however. “Major brands are influenced by public perception and global action, and your role in putting this issue firmly on the agenda of global fashion brands and suppliers, and forcing them to respond with the urgency the situation demands has been critical in the Detox campaign’s ongoing success,” writes Ilze Smit, detox campaigner at Greenpeace International, in a blog post. “There is still a long way to go, but our successes so far prove that when we work together, big brands are forced to stand up and deliver.”

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  1. Adidas
  2. Benetton
  3. C&A
  4. Canepa
  5. Coop Switzerland
  6. Esprit
  7. Fast Retailing (Uniqlo)
  8. G-Star Raw
  9. H&M
  10. Inditex (Zara)
  11. Levi Strauss
  12. Limited Brands (Victoria’s Secret)
  13. Li-Ning
  14. Mango
  15. Marks & Spencer
  16. Nike
  17. Puma
  18. Valentino

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