Whether or not you subscribe to the theory that fashion is art, you can’t deny that Bela Borsodi’s textile origami takes the Japanese art of folding to an entirely new level. Using various fashion accessories, Borsodi created a frog, a swan, and other creatures for a spread (entitled “Wild Life”) in Italian Vogue. The Vienna-born, New York-based photographer is also no stranger to finessing button-down shirts and denim jeans into animated faces that look like they’re on the verge of telling you if they make your butt look big.

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Borsodi‘s artistic interpretations boast a zero carbon footprint, since they haven’t been permanently altered. (The clothes can simply slink back into a drawer or return to a hanger in the closet once they’ve served their purpose.) Fashion label Yalook recently commissioned Borsodi to make faces out of its apparel, which it turned into literal talking heads that sang opera, dispensed fashion advice, and spouted wisdom on being true to yourself. We bet you’ll never look at a pile of laundry the same again.

+ Bela Borsodi

[Via Greenwala]