The international event for green fashion, sustainable lifestyle and culture will raise the curtain on Jan 20. Across four days, over 50 of the most cutting-edge labels in the international green scene will be on stage alongside the unique exhibition, “Eco Chic: Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion” by the Swedish Institute of Stockholm.

For its second appointment with the fashion world, THEKEY.TO maintains its promise and shows a wide range of sophisticated sustainable brands from all over, among them Van Markoviec (The Netherlands/Poland), Knowledge Cotton Apparel (Denmark), Studio Jux (The Netherlands), Milch (Austria), Itsus (Canada), Banuq (Italy), Komodo and People Tree (UK). The fair will also present a strong selection of upcoming Berlin based brands, including Slowmo, Jovoo, Pamoyo, and Isabell de Hillerin.


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