Royce Hutain sure knows how to light up a little girl’s Halloween. Not only did the California dad ring in the spookiest season the year with his family at Disneyland, but he also dressed his toddler daughter, Zoey, as a light-up stick figure of Minnie Mouse. Even cooler? The costume changes color every time Zoey squeals or giggles. Hutain, a photographer who found himself in the LED costume business after a video went viral last year, created the outfit by hooking LED strips up to an Arduino microcontroller. To make it responsive to sound, Hutain included a button and two potentiometers on the back of the “ears,” plus a microphone concealed upfront.


“Zoey was a huge hit when we went to Disneyland,” Hutain wrote on his YouTube page. “[She] has enough candy to last the next few years now.”

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Hutain won’t be making the costume for sale—”Don’t want Disney lawyers showing up at my door,” he quipped—but he says that he’ll use the same technology in upcoming suits at Glowy Zoey, his online store.

Watch the video to see Zoey and her costume in action. It’s guaranteed to make your ovaries twinge—whether you have them or not.

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[Via Daily Mail]