Grindhouse Wetware founder Tim Cannon has taken wearable technology to the next level, by implanting a large monitoring device into his arm! The device, placed on Cannon’s forearm just under a sizable tattoo, will take his biometric data. Called the Circadia 1.0, the device runs on a rechargeable battery that can thankfully be charged wirelessly.

Cannon’s implanted device is nothing to scoff at, rather than an expected microchip, the piece stretches to the size of a pack of playing cards, bulging at the corners with his skin taut around it.  When the device connects to Cannon’s tablet, it lights up the LEDs inside his arm, illuminating his tattoo.

The chip inside takes real time measurements of Cannon’s body temperature, sending the data to an Android device via Bluetooth, and makes a record of any changes in temperature. The temperature log can then be analyzed for fluctuation patterns to see if lifestyle changes attribute to changes in temperature. Doctors aren’t responsible for this Frankenstein operation, but instead was implanted by a body modification enthusiast.

Cannon hope this experiment will pave the way for a future of smarter technology, making devices in tune with the body. For example, if the Circadia detects the host is agitated, it can send a signal to devices at home, that can then prepare a bath or light a relaxing fire. It may sound like a scene out of the Jetsons, but Cannon is very serious about the device, offering the Circadia 1.0 for around $500.

[Via Discovery News and Vice]