Blake Lively…eco-fashion designer? The Age of Adaline star took to her Instagram account on Tuesday to reveal the first of 12 pieces she created in collaboration with Amour Vert, a sustainable apparel firm based out of San Francisco. Composed of 100 percent silk and recycled polyester crepe, the “Champagne” dress is exclusive to Preserve, Lively’s Goop-esque lifestyle-cum-retail website. Lively’s time on the trendsetting Gossip Girl set has served her well, according to Christoph Frehsee, Amour Vert’s co-founder and CEO.


“Blake is very knowledgeable when it comes to color composition, styling, and garment construction,” he said in a statement. Linda Balti, the label’s creative director, also sang the actress’s praises. “She has a fantastic eye and attention to detail,” she said.

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Lively, who debuted the frock at a movie premiere in April, is similarly enthused. “I may not be able to draw worth a lick, but I am proud of this dress I co-designed with Amour Vert for @preserve_us,” she wrote in the caption accompanying her picture. “You better send me pics if you buy it! I want to share your photos!!”

You heard the lady.

+ Champagne Dress $230 at Preserve

+ Amour Vert