If you’re going to invest in only one pair of jeans this year, consider Bleulab’s fully reversible number, which is really two pants in one. Made in the United States, albeit from conventional cotton, Bleulab’s two-way denim is part of a new breed of multifunctional clothes that reduce the need, not to mention resources, for multiple garments. You can head out in the day wearing one wash of jean, then turn it inside out to throw off a more party-ready vibe. And since you get two styles for the luggage space of one, packing for trips becomes a snap—and no one has to be the wiser.

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Founded by Carl Jones, who refers to himself as a mad jean “jenius,” the New York-based label offers seven styles of jean, including the de rigueur jegging. Inspiration struck Jones when he found a scrap of denim woven differently on each side. His brainwave: It might be possible to wash a fabric on one face and affect the other one differently. After extensive fabric tests, construction research, and wash experiments, the reversible jean was born.

The jean isn’t composed of two layers of denim—it’s one single piece of fabric, woven to look different on both sides.

Contrary to logic, the jean isn’t composed of two layers of bulky denim stitched together—it’s one single piece of fabric, woven to look different on both sides. Although, Bleulab doesn’t use organic denim, each stateside-produced jean has at least half the environmental impact of two comparable, nonreversible pairs manufactured overseas. Another upside? The money you save buying one instead of two.

Bleulab jeans are sold throughout various stores across the country, as well as online at Revolve Clothing and Shop the Far Out.

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