The maker of the world’s only 100 percent recycled-denim jeans can now claim bragging rights over the world’s first recycled-denim tent. Blue Loop Originals, a Dutch label that lives by the motto “born to reborn,” and TenCate, a manufacturer of outdoor fabrics, have embarked on a joint project to “shine a new light on sustainable camping.” The result is BlueCamp, a new fabric that combines the “Blue Loop denim look” with everything you want from a shelter textile, such as water repellency, breathability, and durability. Each tent comprises 25 percent discarded jeans, plus a ground cover made entirely from repurposed plastic. The companies eventually plan to “green” other components, such as replacing all polyester content with a recycled version.

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“From collecting your worn-out jeans and unraveling to yarn spinning, weaving and finally making tents,” Blue Loop Originals said in a statement. “It’s a simple loop that starts with anyone who donates his or her blue friend in a textile container instead of throwing it into the bin.”

Blue Loop Originals and TenCate plan to put their tent to the test this summer on the Wadden Islands, where they’ll be exposed to the North Sea’s extreme weather.

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“This opportunity will teach us how we can improve our camping experience with maximum comfort and minimal footprint,” Blue Loop Originals said, before adding that it’d like to create “small but comfortable and sustainable” camping grounds for various outdoor festivals in 2017.

“We love to experiment and believe that our Blue Loop DNA can live beyond just garments and does not only inspire us, but many more fields to become more sustainable and valuable,” the company added.

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