Bond is a wearable tickle, hug, nudge or even a poke. You wear one and your friend, love, mom, brother, sister, daughter, son wear the other. Touch yours and the matching Bond bracelet will vibrate to let that person know you’re thinking of them no matter where they are in the world. The new wearable device by kwamecorp uses sustainable rubber from the Amazon rainforest and is using technology to connect people in more ways than just a status update.

Bond was designed by kwamecorp and their crack team of engineers to give people a physical connection even if they’re separated. The small module can be worn as a bracelet or a pendant. Give a swipe to your module and your the matching one on your friend will vibrate. You can touch it for up to 5 seconds to give an even longer ‘tickle’ and the module will even light up a color depending on the length of your touch. No matter the distance, whether you’re halfway across the world from each other or just on the other side of the house, Bond will alert you to their touch.

The bracelets are made with sustainably-sourced wild Amazon rubber that helps employ communities who protect the forest. Bracelets or the pendants are connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone (either iPhone 4s and above or Androids) and work off a digital signal. Magnets on either side of the module hold it in place and are also used to charge the device through induction. There’s also a snazzy app that maps your touches and color codes them to show your mood and your thought patterns. Currently, Bond is available through an IndieGoGo campaign starting at $170 for a pair of bracelets with a cream or a black rubber band.

Over time, the team hopes to reduce the side of the module and alter it for new and innovative uses. We can easily see how Bond would be used by a couple in a long distance relationship or two people crazy in love who hate to be separated. But actually there’s a variety of uses far beyond a ‘sense of connection’ that Bond could be useful for. Someone who is sick and in bed could use Bond to let a caretaker know they need help, need water, medicine or more. The device could also easily be used to communicate in places where its too loud or talking would be inappropriate. How would you use Bond?

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