Londoners, and those visiting the British capital, can check into the coziest AirBnb this season during London for Wool Week! The Campaign of Wool is taking over a rentable house for the week, to create the first ever WoolBnB. Guests can snuggle in all of the wool-clad rooms, which will be decked out in wool pillows, duvets, mattresses and one-of-a-kind wooly art!

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Guests can lose themselves in a “world of wool,” and experience the relaxing comfort of natural fibers when spending the night at the WoolBnB, which is located in the De Beauvoir Town section of East London. The Campaign of Wool has put coziness first and foremost when designing the luscious interior, using wool to create a warm and relaxing space to rest your head.

Each room is clad in comfy wool from floor to ceiling. The rooms boast soft wool carpeting, best experienced with bare feet and enticing visitors to sit on the floor. Wool duvets and throws are found on the bed, and strewn about the living room for guests to wrap themselves in. The bedroom boasts a wool mattress for experiencing the ultimate soft sleep. The art that adorns the walls is also spin from wool- from a wooly world map to a tattoo-inspired piece and even a wooly English breakfast.

Just a few lucky wool fans can rent the WoolBnB for a limited time- Monday, October 24th to October 31!

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