Born Free U.S.A. has started a clothing drive like no other- asking consumers to donate fur items to help comfort orphaned wild animals. The second annual “Fur for Animals” turns the fur industry on its nose, by asking consumers to return to animals what was once theirs. Last year’s 100 donated fur coats and hats helped to comfort injured young wildlife around the United States.

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From September 8 to December 31, Born Free U.S.A. will be asking former fur wearers to have a change of heart, and return their fur fashions to the animals they belong to.

Each year, hundred of animals are hurt or orphaned in the wild. Wildlife rehabilitation centers across the country, like Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary in McCall, Idaho and Gila Wildlife Rescue in Silver City, New Mexico, take it upon themselves to nurture and nurse these animals back to health, and prepare them to be re-released into the wild.

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With the fur coats, hats and other accessories, these wild animals who have been abandoned or hurt, will be comforted, and be able to snuggle up to the furry frocks at night.

The thought may sound morbid, but Born Free U.S.A. hopes that this drive will break the chain of fur consumption. The organization hopes that the act of recycling fur to help animals, fur wearers will see wearing fur as a barbaric act, and break the chain of consumption.

+ Born Free U.S.A.