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n 1 a: A line of “environmentally sensitive” lyocell, organic cotton, and organic bamboo yarns by Japan’s Shinnaigai Textile. b: Dyed using the flowers, fruits, seeds, stems, roots, and leaves of more than 3,000 plants, seasonally harvested and preserved by drying. c: Uses a patented, Oeko-Tex-certified process based on nanotechnology. d: Requires “dramatically” reduced amounts of water and chemicals compared with conventional textiles, according to the company. d: Results in stable and controlled hues, which are typically hard to achieve with natural dyes. e: Available in almost two dozen mélange-type colors—examples include sunflower, olive, apricot, and grape—made by blending finished yarn with undyed fibers. f: Samples are viewable at C.L.A.S.S. textile showrooms in Copenhagen, Madrid, Milan, London, and New York.