Brook There is a homegrown lingerie company that specializes in eco-friendly underwear that is organic and sustainably sourced. The designs are simple and elegant, but most importantly everything is designed, cut and stitched in Portland (Maine, not Oregon). Brook De Lorm, the brains behind the beautiful collection, ensures the fabric is as organic as possible and source as much as they can from within the United States. The studio prides themselves on this attention to detail, and was just the kind of eco-conscious design that caught Ecouterre’s eye.

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All the fabrics are selected for their durability and ecological attributes in order that the designs are both comfortable and environmentally sound. Their organic-cotton jersey, for example, is milled in south Carolina and is 94 percent organic. As it comes in an undyed shade of cream, the designers use a range of eco-friendly dyes to create their range of colors.

The studio are wholly transparent about the materials they use, and some of their choice of fabrics are particularly interesting. Such as the imported rayon from bamboo/organic cotton blend. This is 66 percent bamboo, 30 percent organic cotton, and 3 percent spandex.

Of course, being a lingerie brand their designs also use silk, which Lorm acknowledges does not yet have a certified organic standard. But, as the designers note on their website, it is developed from renewable resources from sustainable product.

Lorm told Ecouterre that everything the studio does is about building a small, sustainable business. “All our pieces are designed, cut, and sewn out of our tiny workshop,” she says. Coming from a tradition of organic farming in her family, Brook says she was exposed to the importance of organic cultivation at a fairly young age. The leap to local and sustainably sourced materials in the business was therefore an obvious choice.

Take a look at Brook There’s website for information about the collection and how to order online.

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