Guerilla gardeners have a new weapon of mass resurrection at their disposal: the seed-bomb bracelet, an earthy piece of wrist candy featuring bloomable orbs of clay, compost, and wildflower mix. Individually handcrafted in Dumbo in Brooklyn, the limited-edition accessory is a collaboration between clothing retailer Brooklyn Industries and Greenaid, a social enterprise that focuses on urban ecology and adaptive reuse. Each bracelet holds three “seed beads” on a length of twine, ready for torpedoing into an abandoned lot, barren sidewalk, or other concrete wasteland in need of Ma Nature’s verdant touch.

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Also launching in time for Earth Day is Brooklyn Industries’ seed dress, which comprises locally sourced organic-cotton voile. Because it features a variety of seed-based embellishments in lieu of metal zippers or plastic buttons, the vintage-inspired frock is completely biodegradable when buried underground.

The seed dress has no metal or plastic components, allowing it to biodegrade completely once underground.

“As a brand that believes in sustainability, building community partnerships and upcycling, it was important to celebrate Earth Day in a way that was relevant to our brand,” a spokeswoman tells Ecouterre. “The ability to create something fashionable and wearable that can ultimately be put into the earth is a very interesting concept and one we would like to continue to expand upon.”

The seed-bomb bracelet and seed dress, along with Brooklyn Industries’ new seed-bead vending machines, will be on display at the retailer’s Union Square, Smith Street, and Park Slope stores in New York City.

+ Brooklyn Industries