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Designed in collaboration with Karun, an eyewear company based in Chile, all three styles in the “Ocean Collection” comprise 100 percent traceable and recycled nylon from nets collected via Net Positiva, a first-of-its-kind fishnet collection and recycling program developed and run by Bureo’s own team.

“For every pair of glasses purchased, Bureo will be able to further expand this community-based fishnet collection and recycling program, while generating funds for programs that empower coastal communities most affected by plastic pollution,” the company said.

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But the collection’s unique composition has other benefits, too, according to the firm. Compared with virgin-plastic eyeglasses, Bureo’s recycled frames generate roughly 70 percent fewer greenhouse-gas emissions, thanks in part to a mechanical processing technique that uses no chemicals and minimal water to melt the nets into pellets.

“This greatly differs from a ‘chemical recycling process’ which not only creates a waste byproduct but also requires heavy chemicals and water to break down the nets and return them to a form of nylon which can be made into thread for soft goods like clothing, swimwear and shoes,” Bureo said.

Priced at $139 apiece, the sunglasses are available for sale online at shop.bureo.co, as well as at Pilgrim Surf + Supply in Brooklyn, Sawyer Land & Sea Supply in Santa Cruz, Calif., and Patagonia stores worldwide.

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