Camouflage is a big deal when you’re out traipsing through the woods bird watching, or hunting. Year-round hunters likely have a wide variety of styles and colors to match the season, but now Cabela’s has developed a line of color-changing camo with temperature-activated dyes. In warmer temperatures, the ColorPhase clothes show brighter, greener patterns, while in cooler temperatures the camo is browner to match winter surroundings. This means one set of camouflage can work all year long reducing the need for more clothes.

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Hunters use camouflage to help them blend in with the surrounding forest, grasses, trees and natural environment. Hunting in the spring means you’re surrounded by new blooms, sprouts and bright pops of green. In the winter, it’s mostly browns, greys and even white. In order to blend in, hunters need multiple outfits, but no longer now that Cabela’s has released a new line of temperature-sensitive clothing that changes colors depending on the season and climate.

Cabela’s ColorPhase line includes a select line of the outfitter’s camo clothing made with the temperature-activated dyes. In warmer, more temperate seasons, the camo shows more greens and in cooler seasons, they are more brown. The clothes change colors under normal conditions at around 65 deg, but can be affected by body heat, sunlight, moisture and wind. This allows hunters to do more with less clothing.

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