Great Britain is revving up for the biggest celebration of wool the world has ever seen. Come March, the Campaign for Wool, with the help of veteran interior-stylist Arabella McNie, will transform the West Wing of London’s Somerset House into a veritable wooly wonderland. “Wool House” is set to comprise seven individual rooms, each showcasing the fiber’s versatility in the realms of fashion, art, home goods, and interior design. Contributers include knitwear impresario Donna Wilson, hotel design director Kit Kemp, and rug-weaver Roger Oates, who will exhibit exclusive room sets alongside a giant installation by acclaimed Dutch tapestry artist Claudy Jongstra.

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As the most expansive venture the Campaign for Wool has undertaken to date, Wool House will explore the fiber’s beauty, practicality, and scope under a single roof. In addition to a series of wool-centric designer talks, interactive workshops, and special programs for children, an artisan-in-residence will be on hand to demonstrate the heritage of wool-working to visitors. There will also be spaces dedicated to fine-woven fabrics and tailoring, as well as exhibits celebrating the importance of wool in the fashion industry.

Wool House will explore the fiber’s beauty, practicality, and opportunities under a single roof.

“I am determined to show wool as a modern fiber and visitors will see a broad spectrum from ultramodern and hi-tech to highly luxurious and more traditional,” McNie, the show’s curator, says. “There are some amazing fabrics and flooring and Wool House will showcase some stunning room sets which will really show the difference that wool can make and inspire greater use of the fiber.”

The Campaign for Wool, whose Patron is Prince Charles, is funded by the British Wool Marketing Board, the Woolmark Company, Wool Council of New Zealand, and other wool organizations across the globe, including those in the United States, Norway, South Africa, and South America.

Wool House takes place from March 13 through March 24.

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