Symantec wants to protect more than just your computer. Best known for its Norton line of antivirus and spyware products, the PC security firm has teamed up with online retailer Betabrand to create a pair of jeans designed to stop “digital pickpockets” from skimming personal data—your personal data. Made in San Francisco from American-milled denim, the “Ready” features a silver-based shielding material that blocks signals given off by credit cards, passports, and other radio-frequency identification-tagged products.


“Here’s a not-so-fun fact,” Betabrand designer Steven B. Wheeler writes on the website. “RFID/NFC readers can now be used to steal your personal information, including credit-card data, right from your pocket. In fact, more than 10 million identities are stolen every year! Furthermore, it’s estimated that more than 70 percent of all credit cards are vulnerable to attacks from credit card skimmers.”

The jeans themselves are virtually indistinguishable from your favorite dungarees. Inspired by activewear, the Ready comprises “subtly stretchy” denim made a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex.

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Besides its classic five-pocket styling, the Ready includes a gusseted crotch for greater ease of movement and reinforced belt loops.

Just one caveat: While the jeans are made to protect your digital information, they’re no substitute for prudence. “No RFID-blocking fabric can block all frequencies with 100 percent certainty,” Wheeler warns. “And even the most effective RFID-blocking materials can fail because of wear and tear and/or user error.”

Want additional coverage? Betabrand also stocks a Norton-protected blazer for your torso.

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