Linda Wong, the Taiwan-raised designer behind Canopy Verde, believes in the power of three: Heritage, family, and the environment. Her burgeoning collection of visually arresting bags is her personal trifecta made manifest. Besides featuring locally sourced organic cotton and bamboo fabrics, chrome-free leather, and low-impact dyes, Canope Verde also wields the power of the dollar to improve manufacturing conditions in China. “Working with my current factory, I’ve found that the best way to improve environmental practices is by showing them the market opportunity of eco-friendly products,” she says.

Canopy Verde


In 2008, just as Canopy Verde made its debut, so did her firstborn, Will. (In fact, Wong was still ironing out the details of her website launch during labor.) The capacious, multifunctional Dewberry Tote, which can double as a chic diaper bag, is her ode to new motherhood. Its siblings were also designed for everyday use, from the streamlined Pomelo Foldover Clutch to the ample Cassia Weekender.

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