Carga is one bag manufacturer that is taking the “waste not, want not” axiom to heart. Helmed by architect and designer Mauro Bianucci, the Argentinean label—”carga” means “carry” in Spanish—has just announced its ØW (Zero Wastage) collection, a trio of totes that tackle the vexing issue of cutting-floor waste by not creating any.

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All three bags—a sling bag, a compact shopper, and a messenger—start out as a single rectangular strip, cut from a full width of a bolt of rubberized Cordura. No trimming is involved. Instead, the rectangle is folded, tucked, and sewn, origami-like, to create each distinct silhouette.

Each bag starts out as a single rectangular strip that is folded and sewn into shape.

The raw edges of the fabric, which are usually discarded, are left intact as a feature, rather than a flaw. As a finishing touch, each bag is embellished with vegetable-tanned leather straps and accents.

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