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“Everything is about ecology, but it’s never done in a very luxurious way,” Lagerfeld explained—erroneously, in our opinion—after the show. “I liked the idea to take ecology one step further and to make a high fashion, very elegant and very luxurious version of it.”

All the paillettes and beaded embellishments were created in-house. “We had to make everything because there are no sequins in wood,” Lagerfeld said.

There were other nods to nature, as well. Birds and bees made appearances whether embroidered onto tulle or mounted onto jewelry. Everything was, in Lagerfeld’s words, “very pure, very Zen.”

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“We’re in fashion and at the moment ecology is part of the expression of our time, what fashion is supposed to be,” he added.

It’s a remarkable turnaround for the German designer, who once mused out loud if global warming was “maybe all nonsense”—after flying in a 265-ton glacier from northern Sweden for a show, that is.

Tokenism or not, the collection had people talking, which was precisely the point.

Still, Lagerfeld couldn’t resist at least one dig at the activist crowd. “Sustainable fashion shouldn’t look like some sloppy, demonstration stuff,” he quipped.

Classic Karl.

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