CHIENGORA \ch?-?en-?g?r-?\

n. 1 a: A portmanteau of “chien” (French for dog) and “angora.” b: A soft, spun yarn—said to be up to 80 percent warmer than wool—made from the naturally shed undercoat of canines with hair typically longer than two inches. c: Current production methods are mostly limited to a low-volume, hand-crafted technique similar to traditional carding and spinning wool. c: Uses for the yarn include sweaters, and cold-weather accessories. 2: The subject of a book, Knitting With Dog Hair: Better a Sweater From a Dog You Know and Love Than From a Sheep You’ll Never Met, by Kendall Crolius and Anne Montgomery. 3: Spinners charge an average of $12 per ounce of dog-hair yarn, according to The Wall Street Journal; a custom-knit sweater can cost several hundred dollars.