“I get that retailers always want new things on the floor, but I just think it’s a shame that people’s attention spans are so short these days. We’re just trained to refresh every 15 seconds, and well-made clothes can’t be refreshed like an Instagram feed. They take time to develop, and for me it’s a frustrating thing to feel the pressure to produce stuff for the sake of stuff, because that’s one thing we definitely don’t need.

“I had these existential crises recently where I asked, Am I just putting more stuff in the world? Does the world need another designer? Maybe not. But, I felt like I have a strong vision that was worth expressing. Is there a shortage of clothing options? Of course not. There’s never been more options, but I think there aren’t enough options with integrity and conviction and craft. My clothes aren’t just there for the sake of stuff.”

—New York City-based designer and 2014 LVMH Prize finalist Chris Gelinas, speaking to Refinery29 about why he’s taking it slow.