For Brooklyn designer Christine Domanic, green is more than a color. To wit, she creates her jewelry from vintage components and recycled, organic fabrics by hand. And the home studio where the magic happens? It’s 100 percent wind-powered. Domanic isn’t averse to shanghaiing objects out of their usual context, either. An orange lovebird hair pick finds a new calling as a pendant, lace upholstery scraps turn into neck adornments, and a retired mini-wrench gets paired with a turquoise bead for a cushy new life.

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If you want to pigeonhole Domanic, the best you could do is probably crafter extraordinaire. The multitalented artist is also a consummate crocheter, illustrator, and faux-moustache purveyor. (She also once raided her neighbors’ garbage for discarded sweaters and T-shirts that she turned into a bench of 369 “rock-hard weiners.”)

Domanic once made a bench composed of 369 hand-crocheted weiners.

Domanic’s jewelry line melds her love of traditional fiber techniques with basic metalsmithing, producing a study in contrasts that suits the erstwhile Jersey girl exquisitely. What else would you expect from a vegetarian who nurses carnivorous plants at home?

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