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Guinet’s Sous le masque et la cape was on display this past month at La Maison Muller. The event, which celebrated the launch of the Batman: Arkham Knight video game, offered 30 artistic takes on Gotham City’s champion—”without artifice.”

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Batman isn’t the first American icon Guinet has made over. His Just Grow It! collection turned Nike’s iconic high-top into a series of hyperrealistic topiaries composed of individual flowers and seeds.

“In these works, one can read a certain dichotomy between the marketing and media world in which we live and ethical values ??that are dear to me,” Guinet told Fast Co.Design in 2014. “This is an invitation for all of us to contemplate, to rediscover the beauty of a single seed of a wild grass, the delicacy of a flower, or the smell of the foam.”

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